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We have over 460 staff spread across 12 sites in 3 linguistic regions – so, as you might guess, there's always lots to report! We would like to provide you with an insight into our daily work, present our members of staff, share our successes with you and keep you generally informed about our activities and news. It all makes for one thing: gripping reading! 

“Worlds of experience with magnetic attraction”

Our Center Management Department continues to expand. The department has now been renamed “Retail & Site Management” to reflect the diverse and specialised range of services provided in this area. The Head of Department gives a deeper insight in this short interview:


What does the Retail & Site Management team do?

Our team not only operates shopping centers, but also a great many retail sites. They include various specialist outlets, as well as complex sites hosting retail, office, hospitality and residential spaces. This requires customised services and specific know-how that is centralised in this department.


How does site management differ from conventional center management?

Our center management services extend from analyses and utilisation concepts through center operation and business management. Site Management also sets out to position and develop a particular site or location and bring the different needs of the retail, office and residential spaces together in a single strategy. That is how we create worlds of experience with magnetic attraction.


What services does the Retail & Site Management Department offer?

In addition to the services described above, our team has expertise in such areas as commercialisation, new development and market research. Our expertise also includes restructuring and revitalisation. We offer all this in every language region and at every location. That is how we are able to provide a comprehensive package of services for the properties entrusted to us by our customers.


Further information about our Retail & Site Management services: Link.



Cengizhan Ari

Head of Retail & Site Management Switzerland

 058 715 65 23

Combining marketing know-how

The new year will also see changes at PRIVERA. As from January 2021, there will be a new Marketing division that encompass the services of Letting Management and Brokerage.


This means that the two complementary services of Letting Management and Brokerage will now fall under the new Marketing Switzerland division. The marketing knowledge of two departments will be able to be combined, which in turn will enable us to strengthen our networks and utilise synergies. The Head of Letting Management Switzerland, Marcel Frick, is now in overall charge of Marketing. Both Letting Management and Brokerage will continue to operate as independent strategic services within PRIVERA.


Marcel Frick describes the advantages of having this new structure: "The merger will combine forces that will allow us to further propel our market entry in the fields of promotion and ownership establishment, as well as condominium sales in the future." Ken Tschudin also sees promising prospects ahead. "We are convinced that this organisational pairing will result in tangible benefits – both for our clients and for us internally."


Additional information about both services can be found here Letting Management and Brokerage.



Marcel Frick

Head of Letting Management Switzerland

 058 715 79 24

Ken Tschudin

Head of Brokerage Switzerland

 058 715 61 96

Tree donations thanks to "bike to work"

In 2020 PRIVERA again participated in the bike to work Challenge. Our staff pedalled and ran many kilometres as part of this challenge and demonstrated their strong commitment to our environment in the process. Thanks to this challenge, several thousand trees will be planted in various forests around the world.


Sixteen PRIVERA employees participated in the bike to work Challenge this year. In total, the participants covered 3,666 km by bike and on foot. They have shown their wholehearted commitment – to their health and to the planet.


"We take responsibility for the future."

PRIVERA believes it is important to accept responsibility for the future. This entails, among other things, using our resources in a responsible manner and caring for our environment. That made PRIVERA's decision to put the cost of its thank-you gift towards a donation of trees an obvious choice. All in all, two thirds of the participating companies opted to go down the donation route. Fourteen thousand trees will now be planted with the help of these additional donations.

For its reforestation venture, bike to work is working in partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation The organisation works to promote climate protection and the biological diversity of the planet. The reforestation areas are located in Asia, Africa, Central America and North America.


Our environment, as well as the health of our staff, are things that PRIVERA cares deeply about. That's why it will take part in the bike to work Challenge again next year, when perhaps even more kilometres will be completed. We wish to thank our staff for all their efforts, even on those days in 2020 when they were working from home.


bike to work

One Tree Planted



Katharina Bornhauser

Officer Communication

 058 715 62 21

Enhanced tenant services, fewer vacancies thanks to successful project

The PRIVERA "central re-letting" (ZWV) project has resulted in increased client satisfaction and a massive reduction in property vacancies throughout Switzerland. Digitisation has facilitated enhanced service levels and a greater responsiveness to tenant needs, explains project owner Michael Stucki, COO of PRIVERA.


How did "central re-letting" come about?
The introduction of digital applications for rental apartments in November 2016 served as the basis for the introduction of a "Central Re-letting" section (abbreviated to ZWV in German). Prior to the newly created ZWV section, all processes – like online applications for apartments and digital tenant selections – were dealt with by the Property Management section. This project however served to centralise the re-letting process within a newly created section.


What are the advantages of having a separate ZWV section?
The re-letting process not only became standardised throughout Switzerland, but also streamlined and improved in its quality. Property vacancies became reduced by more than 50% thanks to the reduced time required for re-advertising, viewings and re-letting contract conclusion. As a result, the Property Management section can now focus better on the effective management of properties and existing tenants.


Who benefits from the ZWV project?
The streamlined process has resulted in the satisfaction of everyone involved. Tenants can submit all their correspondence including tenancy applications and termination notifications digitally and conveniently. Conversely, the new ZWV section now has the means to re-let properties efficiently and quickly. The specialisation of tasks allows for enhanced tenant services in property management and re-letting.


The "central re-letting" project is a further step into the digital future. The special team not only reduces property vacancies, but also allows for enhanced tenant services. In the future, we will certainly look forward to implementing further innovative and digital projects.



Michael Stucki


 058 715 79 50

Generational change in PRIVERA's Co-ownership Associations division

The Co-ownership Associations (CORE) division at PRIVERA has been bolstered since the autumn of 2020. Andreas Stöckler, the current divisional head as well as a founding and Executive Board member, will enjoy a well-earned retirement in the early summer of 2021.


Oliver Westermann, a real estate expert with extensive asset management experience, will officially succeed him on 1 July 2021. Oliver Westermann is a Swiss-certified real estate fiduciary who has completed an additional qualification as a commercial property economist (IREBS/GCSC). Before joining PRIVERA, he worked as an asset manager for a large Swiss property owner.


To ensure that the handover and familiarisation phase proceeds smoothly, Oliver Westermann already joined PRIVERA on 1 September 2020 and will firstly support Andreas Stöckler for around six months to prepare himself as well as possible before taking over the reins of the CORE division.


We thank Andreas Stöckler for his unwavering commitment and look forward to a productive partnership with Oliver Westermann.


You can read the media release here.



Andreas Stöckler

Head of Co-ownership Associations

 058 715 66 66

Oliver Westermann

Head of Co-ownership Associations

 058 715 63 10