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We have over 400 staff spread across 12 sites in 3 linguistic regions – so, as you might guess, there's always lots to report! We would like to provide you with an insight into our daily work, present our members of staff, share our successes with you and keep you generally informed about our activities and news. It all makes for one thing: gripping reading! 

New Regional Manager East in Letting Management

In August 2019, the marketing specialist Michèle Oser will take over the regional management of PRIVERA's Letting Management East.


Michèle Oser specialises in the management of broad-scope marketing projects. Her many years of experience make her a versatile expert who is adept at implementing marketing concepts of any complexity. From mid-August, she will head the nine-person Letting Management East team at PRIVERA. Marcel Frick, Head of Letting Management Switzerland at PRIVERA, explains: "Our new Regional Manager East benefits from having a multitude of contacts, which also ideally complements our dynamic marketing team."


Michèle Oser is a Swiss-certified real estate fiduciary and holds a federal PET diploma as a real estate marketer and real estate agent. Before joining PRIVERA, she worked as a branch manager for a marketing company specialising in premium properties. In addition, she acts as an expert for the Swiss Examination Board of the Real Estate Industry (SFPKIW) and works as a lecturer for the Swiss Real Estate Association (SVIT).



Katharina Bornhauser

Specialist Communication

 058 715 62 21

PRIVERA collects award at the Real Estate Award night

The presentation of prizes at this year's Real Estate Award ceremony took place on 24.06.2019. Our Lease Management was nominated for an award for the IM GUSS initial letting project.


Only an extra 50 votes would have been needed in the online voting process to secure a first place in the Marketing category. Nevertheless, we are still thrilled that our marketing initiatives have been so well received, not only by prospective tenants and the market, but also within the industry.

Photos and information about the presentation ceremony can be found on the following website:



This was not the first Real Estate Award to be presented to PRIVERA. In 2017 we already won first place with our TONWERKOST initial letting project as well as second place in the Management category with our Flatfox project. We also hope to be able to continue this winning streak in the future.


Our thanks go out to all those involved in the project and to our partners who make these successes possible. Naturally we also thank all those who supported us with their votes!



Marcel Frick

Head of Letting Management Switzerland

 058 715 60 00

When postmen and women only call digitally

500,000 documents. Over 2,200 deliveries every day. That was how many postal items postmen and women dropped into the letterboxes of PRIVERA's twelve regional offices every year. PRIVERA wanted to move this document mountain into the digital age.


Many talk about it, few actually succeed in achieving it: the paperless office. PRIVERA AG took up the challenge. It was an ambitious project because, as a service provider, PRIVERA manages countless residential, commercial and retail properties throughout Switzerland. The tenant files alone give rise to mountains of documents that are stored in folders; everything from tenancy agreements through to apartment handover records.


Access from any location, on any device

The digitisation of such documents would simplify a large number of processes. Pascal Staub, Head of Corporate Development & Quality Management at PRIVERA AG, explains: "All of the documents would be accessible on demand, irrespective of their location, and be stored in an audit, fire and legally-secure manner."


This tricky task consisted of two elements: Firstly, all of the existing documents would need to be digitised and then made accessible in PRIVERA's in-house systems. Secondly, all future postal deliveries would need to be delivered to PRIVERA only in a digital format.


From concept to full operability

Adeon, our partner, implemented this solution successfully. In the first step, countless paper documents were digitised in a single scanning process. The scope of the initial scanning process extended to 75,000 tenant files and 2,000 property files: 7 million sheets of paper. In August 2018 the pilot project commenced in Wallisellen; by December, all of the regional offices had switched over to digital post. Now, all post is scanned even before it is delivered. All letters addressed to PRIVERA are automatically redirected to a scanning centre. Here, the entirety of their text is scanned and digitised. The system then assigns each document to the addressee who receives his or her post in a digital mailbox. "It is only outgoing postal items that will continue to be sent physically," explains Pascal Staub.


What roles do the postman and woman undertake now?

And how do things look today? PRIVERA's offices have been emptied out and become surprisingly paperless. Around 80,000 folders have disappeared from them. They are simply not needed any more. And the postmen and women? Now, their rings at the doors of PRIVERA are — almost exclusively — only digital.


The full report on the project and our partnership with Adeon can be found here (German only). Thanks to all our employees and partners who have followed this project with unswerving interest.



Pascal Staub

Head of Business Development / Quality Management

 058 715 79 46

Nominated again in 2019 for the Real Estate Award

PRIVERA has seemingly struck gold with its marketing of the IM GUSS project. The marketing strategy has been nominated for the Real Estate Award by a professional panel. It is something we are thrilled about.


For the IM GUSS project, the letting management team devised and implemented a forward-looking marketing concept that included exciting extras. In addition to a traditional showroom and virtual inspections, a roller coaster was added into the mix for a truly electrifying, virtual 3D experience. We also engage online influencers to make users of various social media channels aware of our IM GUSS apartments. This combination has generated considerable media attention. "The nomination attests to our cutting-edge approach to marketing", enthuses Marcel Frick, Head of Letting Management Switzerland at PRIVERA.

The Real Estate Award recognises key projects and innovations that have significantly changed the market and given added impetus to the Swiss real estate world. This already counts as the third nomination for PRIVERA. Our letting management team already garnered its first prize in 2017 for the TONWERKOST marketing project.


The award recipient will be determined by an online vote. For further information about the process, please visit:



Marcel Frick

Head of Letting Management Switzerland

 058 715 60 00

Interview with Michael Stucki, COO

In an interview, Michael Stucki, our COO, expands on topical issues in the field of digital real estate.


How important is digitisation for the real estate sector in general and for PRIVERA in particular? Where does digitisation solve, but also create its own problems? How do you amalgamate digital processes with the attentiveness that the service industry calls for? These and other questions were discussed by our Chief Operating Officer (COO), Michael Stucki, in the interview.


The first video can be viewed here:


Mood Films, a real estate marketing company, addresses the subject of digitisation within the real estate sector in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in a training project. Further information can be found here.



Michael Stucki


 058 715 60 00