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We have over 400 staff spread across 12 sites in 3 linguistic regions – so, as you might guess, there's always lots to report! We would like to provide you with an insight into our daily work, present our members of staff, share our successes with you and keep you generally informed about our activities and news. It all makes for one thing: gripping reading! 

Generational change in PRIVERA's Co-ownership Associations division

The Co-ownership Associations (CORE) division at PRIVERA has been bolstered since the autumn of 2020. Andreas Stöckler, the current divisional head as well as a founding and Executive Board member, will enjoy a well-earned retirement in the early summer of 2021.


Oliver Westermann, a real estate expert with extensive asset management experience, will officially succeed him on 1 July 2021. Oliver Westermann is a Swiss-certified real estate fiduciary who has completed an additional qualification as a commercial property economist (IREBS/GCSC). Before joining PRIVERA, he worked as an asset manager for a large Swiss property owner.


To ensure that the handover and familiarisation phase proceeds smoothly, Oliver Westermann already joined PRIVERA on 1 September 2020 and will firstly support Andreas Stöckler for around six months to prepare himself as well as possible before taking over the reins of the CORE division.


We thank Andreas Stöckler for his unwavering commitment and look forward to a productive partnership with Oliver Westermann.


You can read the media release here.



Andreas Stöckler

Head of Co-ownership Associations

 058 715 66 66

Oliver Westermann

Head of Co-ownership Associations

 058 715 63 10

Handover in Construction Management

On 1 August 2020, the management of the Construction Management Division will pass from Ivan Godenzi to Pascal Vonlanthen. This internal handover demonstrates how closely knit the entire Construction Management team is.


The management of the Construction Management Division will pass from Ivan Godenzi to Pascal Vonlanthen on 1 August 2020. We thank Ivan Godenzi for all his hard work and wish him all the best in his further professional career and personal life. His successor comes from the ranks of the existing team.


From 1 August 2020 Pascal Vonlanthen will take over the management of the Construction Management Division. He brings many years of experience in construction project management on behalf of well-known Swiss companies. Previously employed as a team leader at PRIVERA, Mr Vonlanthen was responsible for Construction Management in the Central and Western Switzerland regions where he has already successfully strengthened customer ties and customer satisfaction and continued the acquisition of new clients. "We are convinced that in Pascal we have found an extremely capable and far-sighted person for this key appointment," asserts Michael Stucki, COO of PRIVERA, commenting on the handover.



Pascal Vonlanthen

Head of Construction Management Switzerland

 058 715 62 57

PRIVERA receives a sensational Family Score!

At the start of this year we launched an employee survey in partnership with Pro Familia to help determine how family-friendly PRIVERA is as an employer. All of the results are now in. We were given an outstanding Family Score of 71 points. This puts us substantially above the average for Swiss employers. To say that we are thrilled is an understatement!


In the survey you rated many aspects of working at PRIVERA as very positive. For example, it is appreciated that time off can be taken when overtime is worked and that your family circumstances are also taken into account by managers and the team. Our flexible working hours also came in for praise. The option of working from home was already highly valued before the onset of Covid-19 and given top scores. Here, the situation over the past few weeks has even given us the opportunity to learn a lot more and make further improvements.

"Dieter Sommer, CEO, and Philipp Bigler, Head of HR / Communication / Organisation, with the Family Score award"


Interestingly, the survey also revealed various aspects of our organisation that merit the investment of further time and thought. We will keep everyone updated about any changes that will take place.


A big thank you goes out to everyone who took part in the survey. We are delighted that our employees regard us as a family-friendly company. It goes without saying that we will also continue to work at upholding our family-friendliness in the future!


About the survey: the survey, its analysis and conclusions were carried out by the independent Pro Familia association. Further information:

Please get in touch with us should you have any questions about the Family Score.



Ursula Rufer 

Head of HR Services

 058 715 61 99


Marketing film

To market the IM GUSS project, we opened our doors to a 20 Minuten film crew.

For our “IM GUSS” marketing project in Bülach, our letting management team hit upon a special idea. A mini-series was filmed in the furnished show apartment with a professional 20 Minuten film crew. This new "Ämtliplan" web series focuses on a residential community. Property marketing can be truly creative!

View the series and the IM GUSS film set here:

A big thank you and bravo to all concerned!

Enjoy your streaming!



Michèle Oser

Regional Head of Letting Management East

 058 715 64 06

“We are still being approached about our campaigns”

PRIVERA letting management cooperates with the dreifive digital agency. They describe just how successful this cooperation is in a media release.


Cooperation between dreifive and the property service provider PRIVERA began in autumn 2019. “The launch of the first joint campaign to mark last year’s Black Friday action was a great success story in terms both of cooperation with dreifive and of the results achieved”, Michèle Oser, Regional Manageress Letting Management East at PRIVERA, reports. A total of four residential projects were promoted and publicised with attractive on and offline actions. “Today, we’re still being approached by potential customers. We are delighted to have achieved these goals together”.


“With PRIVERA, we are serving a customer who is very receptive to creative solutions and keeps in touch with digital trends. By doing so, they show that property marketing can also be cool, innovative and attractive”, Jolanda Kessler, Head of Digital Marketing Consulting at dreifive points out. Taking the example of the trendy Zwicky district with a very young and urban target group, the focus is placed on social media advertising. A range of advertising formats enables us to convincingly display the advantages of this particular site. The message is adapted quickly and flexibly and attractive actions help to find the right tenants for the last remaining apartments. 


Read the full report here in German.


Thank you for the great cooperation!




Michèle Oser

Regional Head of Letting Management East

 058 715 64 06