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We have over 400 staff spread across 12 sites in 3 linguistic regions – so, as you might guess, there's always lots to report! We would like to provide you with an insight into our daily work, present our members of staff, share our successes with you and keep you generally informed about our activities and news. It all makes for one thing: gripping reading! 

How does a marketing campaign come into being at PRIVERA?

Even the most stunning apartment needs to be marketed skilfully to ensure that its tenants can be found. To take one example, the marketing team at PRIVERA is currently running its popular Black Friday promotion for the second time. How does a campaign like this work?


Black Friday, the Friday after America's Thanksgiving Day celebration, heralds the start of the Christmas shopping season in America. PRIVERA too is holding a similarly-themed promotion and 2019 will already mark the second successive time it has been run. "Our experience shows that Black Friday is a hit," enthuses Michèle Oser, Head of Letting Management for Region East, justifying the campaign.


How did the idea come about?

Black Friday has gradually also become entrenched in Europe and in many places it is still regarded as an occasion to run promotions, for example within the retail sector. Michèle Oser explains: "The idea came up during a brainstorming session. We decided that since Black Friday had already been successful for PRIVERA in 2018, it would make total sense to build on this again." As soon as the owners of the selected properties gave their agreement and we have the right partners on board, things get underway.


What is the objective?

Campaigns like this always strive to raise the profile of specific apartments or, sometimes, even entire residential complexes. We are seeking to focus the attention of people who are looking for their next apartment on the apartments that we have available. But the timing of the campaign also has its relevance: "November and December are the quietest months for our marketing section" Oser discloses. "But this promotion helps us to still reach keen movers during this busy period."


How will the campaign be implemented?

The letting management section will work in partnership with an agency that specialises in digital marketing. The running period, target group and most suitable marketing channels are now being defined jointly, as well as the actual campaign concept. "Among other things, we believe in a precisely defined target group, as well as geotargeting. This means that we wish to present our promotion to people who are currently residing in the vicinity of the campaign properties," explains Oser. The use of parameters like these enables the focus of the campaign to become much narrower and also aimed directly at prospective tenants.


PRIVERA's Black Friday deals for its selected properties can be viewed online on the relevant real estate platforms and apply from 25.11.19 to 01.12.19 for applicants who legally sign the rental agreement by 10 December 2019.


Michèle Oser

Regional Head of Letting Management East

 058 715 64 06

Fewer vacancies thanks to pilot project

PRIVERA reduces its vacant property rate by 44.7 percent. It's all been made possible by a project that brings together digital tools and the centralised management of re-letting. This process will now be used across the entire company.


It equates to more perusal time for current and prospective tenants, as well as more tenancies for clients – it's a balance that PRIVERA, as a real estate service provider, seeks to uphold. That's why PRIVERA is working on various approaches to reduce the number of unutilised or un-let properties (vacancies). Solutions like the digitisation of apartment rental applications via an online form (media release dated 29.11.2016) were used as a part of this drive.


Pilot proves its effectiveness

Over and above this, PRIVERA set up a centralised re-letting section that accelerated work on the new digital application process for apartment rentals by Flatfox. By way of a pilot project, this section centrally managed all of the re-letting activities of the Wallisellen and Gt. Gallen regional offices. The results of this pilot project highlight how effective these measures were: 44.7 percent of property vacancies were reduced during this period. If not only vacant properties, but all the available and unoccupied apartments are also included, then these were able to be reduced by 41.6 percent.


"We are increasing the seamless re-letting quotient"

Thanks to this successful outcome, the project will now be rolled out across all PRIVERA offices. This means that each region will get a separate section tasked with central re-letting. Based on the findings of the pilot project, not only were vacancies able to be reduced, but coordination work was also able to be lessened and tenant-friendliness increased.


"Thanks to these actions, apartments now go to market more quickly and we are also hugely increasing the likelihood of seamless re-letting," asserts Michael Stucki, COO of PRIVERA, describing the advantages. In short, it now takes less time from the point at which an apartment is advertised, to the time an inspection is made and the let is concluded. Stucki expands on this: "This is a win for our prospective tenants, for our staff in our letting sections and, thanks to the ensuing reductions in vacancies, also a win for our clients."


Michael Stucki


 058 715 60 00

"Time simply flies by"

Immofuture, the campaign by the Bern office of the Swiss Real Estate Association (SVIT) to attract young people into the real estate sector has one of our trainees give accounts of his typical working days.


Immofuture has been following the vocational training of Fabio, a trainee at PRIVERA, since 2018. Fabio is completing his training to become a real-estate/trust business administrator EFZ (Swiss Certificate of Competence) at PRIVERA, during the course of which he is learning the ropes of different areas of work at PRIVERA. An excerpt from his report on Key Account Management, for example, reads as follows: "We constitute the interface between our Management Section and property owners. I really enjoy doing this kind of work and time simply flies by!"


Fabio writes regular accounts about his daily work and his training for Immofuture. You can read his reports here:


"Immofuture" is a campaign by the Bern office of the Swiss Real Estate Association (SVIT) to attract young people into the real estate sector. The campaign seeks to inform young people on the verge of making a career choice about training opportunities in the real estate sector and sign up additional companies as providers of traineeships. PRIVERA is participating in Immofuture as a company and training organisation.



Stefan Gurtner

HR Specialist and Responsible for Trainees

 058 715 63 37 

New Head of Branch in Lugano

The branch in Lugano has been under new management since July 2019. Evelyne Pfyl has now joined the management team at PRIVERA. The real estate trustee and real estate agent who holds a Federal PET Diploma was previously employed as an asset manager by a major Swiss property owner and benefits from an extensive career in property management.


"Evelyne Pfyl is the perfect fit for this position – not least thanks to her wide-ranging experience in dealing with the needs of property owners" explains Michael Stucki, COO at PRIVERA. With her joining PRIVERA, six of the twelve regional offices are now staffed by women.


PRIVERA attaches great importance to gender equality and the individual promotion of talented employees. The new branch manageress has resulted in gender parity within the management personnel of PRIVERA's regional offices. Moreover, the proportion of women in the PRIVERA workforce now stands at 62 percent.



Evelyne Pfyl

Head of Branch Lugano

 058 715 64 17

New Regional Manager East in Letting Management

In August 2019, the marketing specialist Michèle Oser will take over the regional management of PRIVERA's Letting Management East.


Michèle Oser specialises in the management of broad-scope marketing projects. Her many years of experience make her a versatile expert who is adept at implementing marketing concepts of any complexity. From mid-August, she will head the nine-person Letting Management East team at PRIVERA. Marcel Frick, Head of Letting Management Switzerland at PRIVERA, explains: "Our new Regional Manager East benefits from having a multitude of contacts, which also ideally complements our dynamic marketing team."


Michèle Oser is a Swiss-certified real estate fiduciary and holds a federal PET diploma as a real estate marketer and real estate agent. Before joining PRIVERA, she worked as a branch manager for a marketing company specialising in premium properties. In addition, she acts as an expert for the Swiss Examination Board of the Real Estate Industry (SFPKIW) and works as a lecturer for the Swiss Real Estate Association (SVIT).



Katharina Bornhauser

Specialist Communication

 058 715 62 21