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We have over 400 staff spread across 12 sites in 3 linguistic regions – so, as you might guess, there's always lots to report! We would like to provide you with an insight into our daily work, present our members of staff, share our successes with you and keep you generally informed about our activities and news. It all makes for one thing: gripping reading! 

Marketing film

To market the IM GUSS project, we opened our doors to a 20 Minuten film crew.

For our “IM GUSS” marketing project in Bülach, our letting management team hit upon a special idea. A mini-series was filmed in the furnished show apartment with a professional 20 Minuten film crew. This new "Ämtliplan" web series focuses on a residential community. Property marketing can be truly creative!

View the series and the IM GUSS film set here:

A big thank you and bravo to all concerned!

Enjoy your streaming!



Michèle Oser

Regional Head of Letting Management East

 058 715 64 06

“I enjoy taking on more responsibility”

Fabio Fiore (16) is completing his second apprenticeship year at PRIVERA AG; he aims to pass the Swiss Federal property/fiduciary specialist’s certificate. He reports regularly to the Der Bund and Berner Zeitung newspapers on his daily professional experience and on his education.

“In the present situation, I’m working entirely in my home office. Each week I have a video conference with the other apprentices and our professional trainer in which we discuss everything that is going on and our new challenges. So I enjoy super support, for which I am truly grateful!  Teaching in the vocational school is also virtual. I like video conference tuition best.

The circumstances bring new opportunities: I now look after the property owner whose accounts I keep much more independently – I find that awesome! I enjoy the opportunity to take on greater responsibility”.

The complete report was published on 24.04.2020 in the Der Bund and Berner Zeitung newspapers in cooperation with ImmoFuture (SVIT Bern). Read the full reports here:



Stefan Gurtner

HR Specialist

 058 715 63 37

How PRIVERA is working in lockdown

Even in the COVID19 pandemic lockdown, PRIVERA is not short of ideas and team spirit for its customers.

During the current pandemic and the more stringent measures imposed by the authorities, all PRIVERA staff are working in their home office until further notice. Our modern IT infrastructure enables this to go ahead smoothly. Our dedication to handling customers’ needs and our team spirit remain unchanged.

By way of proof, here are the selfies taken by some of our employees at their work stations (see above).

We continue to arrange outside appointments for property inspections and handovers, viewings and warranty inspections. With 360° images of the apartments, our team  assures smooth property viewings for potential customers in their own homes too.

We thank our employees for their dedication and our customers, tenants and partner companies for their confidence in us.



Katharina Bornhauser

Officer Communication

 058 715 62 21

New branch management in Fribourg

Alix Johner, a multilingual property and property law expert, has been appointed as the new manageress of the PRIVERA Fribourg branch. Seven of the twelve PRIVERA branches are now managed by women!

With Alix Johner, PRIVERA has gained a property and property law expert as its new branch manageress. She has combined her law studies with many years of management activity. She took charge of the Fribourg branch with its seven employees on 1 April 2020. “Alix Johner’s expertise makes her an outstanding addition to our management team in the West Switzerland region”, Piero Pastore, Regional Manager West and Lausanne Branch Manager at PRIVERA, comments.

Alix Johner holds a Swiss Federal certificate of aptitude as a property manageress and previously studied law at Lausanne University. With Alix Johner’s arrival, seven of the twelve branches are now managed by women.

Read the media release here.



Alix Johner

Head of Branch Fribourg

 058 715 65 85

We donate fruit baskets to hospitals

Fruit baskets are delivered weekly to PRIVERA’S Gümligen and Wallisellen branches. It donates them to local hospitals.

The ongoing coronavirus lockdown is a great challenge to all of us. PRIVERA is currently working entirely on a home office basis (see previous contributions). That is why we are donating the fruit baskets delivered weekly to our Gümligen and Wallisellen branches to local hospitals. Fruit from Gümligen goes to the adult emergency ward at Bern Insel Hospital, while the Wallisellen delivery is passed on to the maternity clinic at Zurich University Hospital.

Just a small thank you for the enormous dedication of everyone working in the healthcare sector in this challenging situation for us all! The local teams have even sent us a few snapshots showing the donated baskets:

We wish them a well-earned break.



Pia Kurzen

Team Leader Central Services

 058 715 63 63

Boel von Arx

Assistant Regional Head of Property Management East/ Team Leader Central Services

 058 715 64 14