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We have over 460 staff spread across 12 sites in 3 linguistic regions – so, as you might guess, there's always lots to report! We would like to provide you with an insight into our daily work, present our members of staff, share our successes with you and keep you generally informed about our activities and news. It all makes for one thing: gripping reading! 

Privera bolsters its Property Management and further operational areas

Broader support for managerial responsibilities and a strengthening of management within Privera. From 1 June, 2023, Tristan Fasnacht will take over responsibility for Property Management and join the Executive Board as a new member. Privera's managerial organisation will be strengthened through an Enlarged Executive Board with new members.


On 1 June, 2023, Tristan Fasnacht will join Privera as the new Head of Property Management, Switzerland, and a member of the Executive Board. The appointment of Tristan Fasnacht will see Privera's core business – Property Management – further strengthened.


Tristan Fasnacht is a Swiss-certified real estate fiduciary, a real estate professional with a proven track record, long-standing experience and comprehensive knowledge of Privera's operations. Between 2015 and 2020 he held various management roles at Privera, including managing the Bern Regional Office. Prior to returning, Mr Fasnacht was Head of Property Management, Switzerland, for one of the largest national real estate owners.


In an effort to give greater impetus to the next step in Privera's corporate development, the company will spread the management responsibilities for its entire range of operations more broadly. The operational areas of Property Management, Marketing (Initial Letting and Brokerage), Construction Management, Co-ownership, Retail & Site Management and Business Services, which were previously all consolidated within one large unit, will in future be given greater responsibility and prominence at Privera.


Astrid Heinrich as Head of Key Account Management, Nicole Kuhn as Regional Manager of Central Property Management, Gabriel Vonlanthen as Regional Manager of Western Property Management, Pierre-Alain Cosendai as Head of Business Services, Marcel Frick as Head of Marketing/Construction Management and Oliver Westermann as Head of Real Estate Investor Solutions/ (Co-ownership and Retail & Site Management) will be appointed to the Enlarged Executive Board which will come into effect in this composition on 1 June 2023.


The permanent Executive Board comprises: Michael Stucki (CEO), Daniel Jandric (CFO), Philipp Bigler (CHRO/CCO) and Tristan Fasnacht, the new member in charge of Property Management.

PRIVERA bags first place in UBS’s residential tenant survey

Every year, the UBS bank conducts a tenant survey. In the survey, all of the property management companies with which UBS works are evaluated in various categories, including, for example, satisfaction with the apartments, sustainability, rental costs and willingness to recommend the property management company to others.


Apartment and property management satisfaction and recommendation

The overall satisfaction ratings for apartments and the willingness to pass on a recommendation remain high. PRIVERA enjoys a clear lead here amongst the individual property management companies. The survey shows that tenants in properties managed by PRIVERA are the most satisfied overall and are the most likely to recommend their apartment to others. In addition, PRIVERA is ahead of other management companies when it comes to relationships with neighbours and the cleanliness of apartment complexes.


Tenant app and rental costs

In the digital services category, PRIVERA scores particularly well for online rental applications and the option to reserve moving-in dates online. As far as rental costs are concerned, is was also shown that more than half of the survey respondents find these to be reasonable. Almost two-thirds of respondents consider the service charges to be in line with market norms, and just under half can (very) easily understand the service charge statement. PRIVERA ranks particularly well here.


The overall satisfaction and willingness to recommend remained at a similar level compared to the previous year for property management companies. PRIVERA however increased its score in terms of overall satisfaction and consequently was awarded first place in the UBS residential tenant survey.


This outcome shows us that we are on the right track with our efforts to constantly improve and focus on our quality of service.


We are proud to have taken first place in the UBS residential tenant survey and wish to thank all of our team members who have contributed to this success.

Von der Serverapplikation zum webbasierten GARAIO REM

Die Technologie bleibt nicht stehen und jedes Unternehmen muss mit der Zeit gehen, um dem
stetigen Wandel gerecht zu werden. Dies gilt auch für das Herzstück aller PRIVERA Applikationen –
die Bewirtschaftungssoftware REM.


Nach 20 Jahren erreicht die Serverapplikation REM das Ende ihres Lebenszyklus. Daher hat sich die PRIVERA entschieden, das Nachfolgeprodukt, die moderne Webapplikation GARAIO REM, einzuführen. Damit können nicht nur PRIVERA, sondern auch die von ihr betreuten LiegenschaftseigentümerInnen und MieterInnen zukünftig von dieser modernen Software profitieren.


In der aktuellen Ausgabe des Immobilien Business wird über das komplexe und spannende Einführungsprojekt von GARAIO REM erzählt.


Zum Artikel im Immobilien Business

Victory in the Property Management category at the 2021 Real Estate Award

The 30 August 2021 saw the presentation of prizes for the 10th Real Estate Award. In the Property Management category, PRIVERA excelled with its "Tenant Service...speedy, streamlined, smart with imofix" project to take away the award. This project entailed the creation of an online form, supported with visuals, to capture tenant queries and damage reports in 14 languages.


Additional photos and information about the presentation ceremony can be found on the following website:


Many thanks to everyone involved in the project and to our partner imofix who made this success possible. Our thanks naturally also go out to everyone who cast their votes for us in the award!



Dieter Sommer


 058 715 77 00

Building for an eco-friendly future

At PRIVERA, sustainability plays a very important role and this is also reflected in the Construction Management service line. Our drive to contribute even more to this objective in the future saw Yolanda Serena Roma join the PRIVERA team at the beginning of 2021. She will support property owners in their efforts to make their property designs even more sustainable.


The topic of sustainability also plays a key role in the Construction Management service line. Yolanda Serena Roma who is a Construction & Project Manager at PRIVERA is ideally suited to promoting sustainability with her specialist knowledge. Ms Roma is a qualified engineer who specialises in architecture and benefits from many years of experience in the field of solar power as well as extensive knowledge of energy-efficient and eco-friendly new build and renovation projects. "I've had an interest in the use of renewable energies in buildings for many years, in particular, the quest of how solar systems can be integrated into building envelopes both creatively and rationally," explains Yolanda Serena Roma.

In the following short interview, we will learn more about sustainability in the Construction Management service line:


What role does sustainability play in the Construction Management service line?

The decision taken by the Federal Council at the end of August 2019 obliges Switzerland to entirely cease the emission of greenhouse gases by 2050. This means achieving net zero emissions by 2050. The Swiss population will cast their vote on the Federal Act on the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (CO2 Act) on 13 June 2021. Among other objectives, this act is intended to reduce CO2 emissions within the construction sector. A passing of the revised CO2 Act would result in PRIVERA undertaking numerous discussions with property owners. The objective of these discussions would be to find the best possible solution for each property.

There are various ways in which a property can be made more environmentally friendly and tenants can be kept informed about the importance of this issue. The use of energy-saving light bulbs and the installation of a new heating system that uses renewable energy are two examples of ways in which water and electricity consumption can be curbed. Additional beneficial works might entail flat roof and/or façade cladding renovations.


What are the advantages of having a sustainable property?

Investing in an eco-friendly building is well worthwhile. A heating system that utilises renewable energy offers many advantages. An incentive tax has been levied on fossil fuels like heating oil and natural gas since 2008. This tax is levied to encourage the economical consumption of fossil fuels and also the increased use of eco-friendly energy sources. In addition, sustainable investments are eligible to receive financial support (i.e. the federal and cantonal buildings programme for reducing greenhouse gas emissions). A building energy certificate issued by the respective canton plus recommendations (GEAK Plus) is required in some cases before an application for grants can be made. The property is inspected by an energy consultant for a fee and the findings are then recorded in a report. This not only helps the environment, it also lowers costs.


Is the Construction Management service line supported internally in implementing its sustainability objectives?

Collaboration between both the Property Management and Construction Management service lines plays a central role when it comes to sustainability. The managers are in close contact with both owners and tenants and are very familiar with each property and the needs of its owners and users. They are able to assess when various building improvements need to be planned (heating replacement, window replacement, etc.). For this reason, the internal exchange of information with Construction Management is extremely important since it allows projects to be budgeted in advance and also take the issue of sustainability into account. In some cases, it can even be worthwhile to renovate the building envelope and replace the heating system simultaneously.

In addition, tenants are kept well-informed about sustainability through information campaigns. This is why it is particularly important that managers are continually made aware of the importance of sustainability as well as receive ongoing training about the subject.



Yolanda Roma Serena

Construction & Project Manager

 058 715 64 54