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We have over 400 staff spread across 12 sites in 3 linguistic regions – so, as you might guess, there's always lots to report! We would like to provide you with an insight into our daily work, present our members of staff, share our successes with you and keep you generally informed about our activities and news. It all makes for one thing: gripping reading! 

Neumarkt Oerlikon undergoing transformation

The refurbishment of the Neumarkt Oerlikon continues to take shape. The project management team is now in place and new leases have been signed.


Constructed in 1978, the Neumarkt Oerlikon will undergo a process of refurbishment from February 2019 under the management of PRIVERA AG. Halter AG was appointed as general contractor at the end of 2018. The refurbishment will see the shopping centre modernised with a more open-plan design to offer an all-round pleasant shopping experience. The re-opening is planned for December 2020.


The letting and re-letting of retail spaces is proceeding satisfactorily according to the project managers. “Once renovation work is complete we will be delighted to welcome numerous new tenants including LIDL, the Suan Long restaurant chain and Café Bauer,” enthuses Ivan Godenzi, Head of Construction Management Switzerland, PRIVERA AG. What's more, new tenancy agreements have already been signed with a large number of the existing tenants. This will help to ensure a good mix of tenants prevails.


The Neumarkt Oerlikon will remain open during the entire renovation period. In addition to PRIVERA AG which will be responsible for the project’s sign-off, the company MMK with Hansjörg Pedrett as building consultant, the Walker Architects architectural consultancy and Halter, as general contractor, are participating in the design and construction of the project.


To read more, please visit Lokalinfo (German only). 



Ivan Godenzi

Head of Construction Management Switzerland

 058 715 64 28

Apartment viewings in 4D

PRIVERA has come up with something rather special to attract and enthuse potential tenants. Prospective tenants will now be able to experience a roller coaster ride in 4D in the showroom for the new IM GUSS Estate.


Discover an estate on a roller coaster? Inspect a new apartment, even before construction is complete, from a genuine roller coaster car with a virtual reality headset? Yes, it's all possible in PRIVERA's showroom on the new IM GUSS Estate. "It was important for us to give future residents an authentic impression of IM GUSS right from the outset," asserts Mariana Schwager, Regional Head, Letting Management East, at PRIVERA.


Visitors impressed

This type of virtual roller coaster ride is a novelty within the Swiss real estate market. Its implementation was carried out in partnership with DesignRaum, the visualisation agency. The virtual journey through the entire estate and through three apartments takes three minutes. So far, the roller coaster experience has been extremely well received by around 100 prospective tenants. Even the two social media influencers Luisa Rossi and Mirjam Jäger were impressed when they visited the showroom. "It was incredible. I've never experienced anything like it," Luisa Rossi enthused. (1)


Immersive experience

In addition to the 4D roller coaster experience, the VR headset enables four virtual show apartments to be explored. "Tools like this enable visitors to fully image what it would feel like to live in their future dream home, even if the estate still resembles a construction site", explains Mariana Schwager. The original marketing concept of the roller coaster, together with knowledgeable support staff in an attractive on-site showroom, provides a unique experience for potential tenants.

A PRIVERA employee demonstrates virtual reality apartment viewing to influencer Mirjam Jäger (r.).



The IM GUSS Estate comprises four building complexes that are due to be completed in the summer/autumn of 2019. Over 5,600 m2 of retail, gastronomy, service and office space is being given a new lease of life in the heritage-listed brick building. In the three other building groups, 343 new rental apartments will soon accommodate new residents. Spacious private retreats, green courtyards and meeting zones are planned.


Further information about the showroom can be found by visiting the IM GUSS homepage and reading the article in the Zürcher Unterländer.


Photo Header: Influencer Luisa Rossi puts the roller coaster through its paces.

Photographs: Zürcher Unterländer

(1) Zürcher Unterländer




Mariana Schwager

Regional Head of Letting Management East

 058 715 61 09

Closer collaboration with tenants

PRIVERA is starting to process tenancy terminations online. This will make cooperation between the administration and their tenants more tight-knit.


In for a penny, in for a pound, is how the proverb goes. That's why PRIVERA has not only facilitated online applications for tenancies, but now also online terminations for tenancies. The so-called e-termination will enable tenants to submit the tenancy termination notice for their apartment with ease, whatever the time and wherever they might be. Even the signature of tenants can be entered digitally using a mobile phone ID. The project is currently in its implementation phase.


This manner of termination will reduce the number of physical documents that are sent back and forth between administrative staff and tenants. "It enables closer collaboration between ourselves and our tenants," explains Gregor Letonja, Process & Project Manager at PRIVERA. Owners too will benefit from this efficient process: "It allows rental properties to be advertised much more quickly and the reasons for tenancy terminations to be identified more accurately", states Letonja.


E-terminations serve to simply the tenancy termination process and enhance the customer experience. Tenancy terminations can naturally also continue to be submitted by post.



Gregor Letonja

Process & Project Manager

 058 715 63 70

Overcoming barriers with an e-deposit facility

PRIVERA is streamlining the process of opening accounts for security deposits in collaboration with a major Swiss bank.


Digital one-way street?

The 'digital one-way street' is a thorny issue in the real estate sector. Individual companies commonly put digital processes in place in house, but rarely extend such changes beyond their own confines. This means that the benefits of automation and digitisation frequently remain unrealised in the transactions between companies, with many of the processes ultimately reverting to the tedious use of paper again. PRIVERA and a leading international bank have now entered into a collaboration agreement to overcome such barriers. The digital opening of a security deposit facility (e-deposit facility) marks a first step in this field.


Completed in minutes

This step does away with the postal forwarding of forms and accelerates the entire process. "Until now, the bank still required original physical documents that were then re-digitised by the bank," explains Urs Sandmeier, data analyst at PRIVERA and project team member. "Our e-deposit facility now means we can submit all of the associated documents digitally, which in turn allows the bank account to be opened automatically within a matter of minutes."


Implemented from A to Z

This e-deposit facility is the first of its kind in Switzerland. The intention is for all the stakeholders – i.e. the bank, property management company and ultimately also tenants – to be able to benefit from this pioneering project. "This is the first step towards achieving an interdisciplinary service chain and an improved customer experience," enthuses Marco Kissling, Head of Business Excellence and "e-deposit facility" Project Manager at PRIVERA. "By doing this we are implementing the digitisation and automation of our services from A to Z across our company's boundaries".



Marco Kissling

Head of Competence Center ISAE

 058 715 64 55

Tenant portal implemented across Switzerland

The PRIVERA tenant portal has been launched in all of PRIVERA's regional offices!


Following a two-year trial and development phase, the PRIVERA tenant portal went live in every regional office in the summer of 2018. All property management teams will now also receive tenant enquiries via the ticketing system of this new communication channel.


By using the portal, PRIVERA apartment tenants will be able to submit a ticket online, for example, to notify an instance of damage. Similarly, tenants will be able to use the digital tenant file and receive tips and recommendations to do with renting. "Thousands of users have already registered to use the system and hundreds of tickets have been raised via our Service Centre," asserts Patrick Rohner, Head of Property Management for Switzerland and Head of the Tenant Portal Project. "And the numbers are increasing!"


But even with a Switzerland-wide rollout, it is a benefit that is still far from fully mature. The tenant portal is under continuous development and additional exciting services for tenants are planned in the future. Patrick Rohner is expecting a steady increase in the number of users. "We are still at the beginning. The most important thing now is for tenants and property managers to familiarise themselves with the portal over the coming months and for it to gain ever greater acceptance."


An important step into the digital age has been taken with the completion of this project and commissioning of the tenant portal. In the future, the tenant portal will become an important hub for further processes, i.e. the e-termination and e-signing of lease agreements.



Patrick Rohner

Officer Property Management Switzerland

 058 715 61 21