We help our employees to fully exploit their individual potentials and to best prepare themselves for the responsible tasks they will carry out in future. privera@work enables highly ambitious employees to receive professional development in non-technical skills. In a series of different management seminars and modules, participants learn about and practice critical soft skills etc. whilst also networking with their colleagues from other regional office and fields.




Vocational training

We give young people a helping hand into the real-estate sector since the majority of our regional offices offer several commercial training placements every year. Our trainees receive an in-depth insight into the varied and exciting work in the real-estate sector and acquire all the skills necessary to be able to start working successfully in the industry after their training ends. Exchanges of experiences among the currently 23 trainees as well as between the on-site instructors and persons responsible for vocational training are strongly encouraged. Our vocational training scheme guarantees wide-ranging basic training as well as close mentoring by our real-estate experts. It is our objective for trainees to eventually comprise 8% of the workforce in each of our regional offices and we are committed to assisting young adults enter a career path every year by demonstrating responsibility, innovation and excellence. 




External professional development

At a technical level, we also support our employees considerably in keeping pace with changing circumstances and growing requirements within the sector. PRIVERA makes use of a sophisticated cost-sharing concept and enters into sensible agreements with staff that take the needs of individual employees as well as those of the employer into account. By adopting this approach, we help to raise, promote and maintain the employability of staff.




Professional development

Professional development opportunities and career development are keywords that we want to make meaningful: we are interested in entering into partnerships with our employees that will last as long as possible. We adopt a joint approach to professional development to pursue this objective in the long-term. Our senior staff hold appraisal interviews several times a year with their team members, provide feedback and jointly define both short and long-term development requirements. This serves to ensure that 'on the job' professional development takes place. Internal job changes – both regional and position-related – take place regularly at Privera and the opportunities for advancement to management level are not only theoretical, but actually exist in practice.