We, the employees of Privera AG, work daily with funds and resources assigned to us on a trust basis. This means that we actively undertake asset management. This business continues to be based, to a large extent, on trust and credibility. We must therefore do everything possible to ensure that we never undermine the trust that has been placed in us, or put our credibility at stake. Openness, fairness, courtesy, honesty and transparency are therefore core values for the work that we do; values that also govern our actions and exemplify all that we do. Decency and respect complement these values and are essential for a good working relationship.


If we remain aware of this fact and always act accordingly, we will build a positive reputation in the market as well as culture within the company in the long term.


“Code of Conduct”


Reporting of misconduct evidence


Privacy statement


Privera AG is committed to protecting your data and your privacy. Technical and organisational measures ensure compliance with the statutory regulations relating to data protection.