Our mission statement

Our vision

PRIVERA is the leading independent, real-estate service provider in Switzerland. We offer our clients excellent and innovative services that make PRIVERA their preferred partner.


PRIVERA is my go-to choice for property-related transactions and employment.


Our mission

Our remit lies in successfully facilitating the needs of property owners, users and partners. We provide the entire spectrum of real-estate related services and achieve positive commercial outcomes through the prudent management of the assets entrusted to us.


Our positioning

PRIVERA is an integral service provider throughout the life cycle of real estate.


Our business fields

The core business of PRIVERA is the management of real estate. Our further areas of expertise are centre management, lease management, real estate brokerage and construction management.


Our client promise

We strive for success and to achieve the best outcome for our clients by virtue of our actions. We are committed to high ethical standards in all of our entrepreneurial activities and decisions, and plan and act in a responsible manner.


Our staff share a passion for real estate.


The brand values

PRIVERA has defined three brand values, which form the basis of our thoughts and actions. These illustrate our approach, our principles and the benefits of the brand, and are supplemented by brand attributes.