The employees of PRIVERA AG and third parties are encouraged to be active and report any concerns or evidence of misconduct that, in their opinion, violate the Code of Conduct of PRIVERA AG, laws, regulations, internal directives or procedures. Before reporting an indication of wrongdoing, we kindly ask you to re-consult the PRIVERA AG “Code of Conduct” as well as the “Tell it us guideline” in order to choose the most appropriate approach.


Based on the Swiss federal constitution and the data protection provisions of the Swiss federal government, everyone has the right to privacy and to protection against any misuse of their personal data. We are compliant with these regulations. All personal data will be treated as strictly confidential.


our data will be processed outside of Switzerland by a third party in a country of the European Union (EU). The EU provides an adequate level of data protection, in common with Switzerland. In addition, the third party is obliged to process any data it receives with exactly the same constraints as would apply to PRIVERA AG. By registering on the following page and sending a notification, you are declaring your consent to this manner of data processing and transmission.


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Reporting of misconduct evidence